The Feast of the Visitation – Mother Mary brings Jesus to Elizabeth

May 30, 2016

The Visitation

“My Soul magnifies the Lord

and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior”

Reflecting on the Second Joyful Mystery of the Rosary, the little virgin from Nazareth begins to grow overwhelmingly in our eyes.  We see the obedience of Mary!   At the Annunciation, recognizing the Angel as a messenger of God, she had said yes to bearing the Son of God.  When the Angel Gabriel told her that her cousin Elizabeth was with child, she trusted in his word knowing he was from God.  Because she, like the other people of Israel, had been preparing for the Messiah, and had studied the Word, she knew the Lord would have wanted her to go and serve her cousin; and so she obeyed, once more.  As we walk through the rose petals that make up the Rosary, we will encounter the many times Mary obeyed.  As we learn more about Jesus, we realize that His Life was our path to Heaven.  As you walk with Mary,  you will discover she knows the way.

We see the selflessness of Mary in action.  Her choice to be for her cousin Elizabeth during her pregnancy, shows an unconditional caring for others, that we’ve only seen in One other Person in the history of the world, her Son Jesus.

But, there was something else.  Although there was a familial bond between Mary and her cousin Elizabeth, we believe there was another bond, which had been molded in Heaven.  The plan to have the Angel tell Mary of her cousin’s pregnancy had to begin in Heaven.  Can we not see God formulating His plan?  The son of Elizabeth would be the one who would herald the Messiah, the Son of Mary, into the world.visitation

Neither of these women should have been pregnant.  Mary was a virgin; Elizabeth was barren.  There had to be a Heavenly connection between them.  Is this why the Angel told Mary about her cousin being “with child”?  Did the Lord want her to go and serve her cousin Elizabeth?  Were she and Elizabeth part of a particular plan of the Father’s?  Had an Angel told Elizabeth, when she conceived, that her child would be special, too?  Were these things going through Mary’s mind, as she proceeded on her appointed mission?

When we see statues or paintings of Mary, for the most part, they depict a very delicate, almost dresden-like Mary.  And I am sure, she had all those qualities.  But  Mother Mary was also strong!  We will see, as we journey in faith with her and her Son through the Rosary, how very strong she was.  The trip from Nazareth to Ein Karem, where Elizabeth and Zechariah lived, was long and dangerous.  Mary had to travel through the mountains of Judea, past Jerusalem.  Today, it is a challenge.  In the time of Jesus and Mary, with dirt roads, cut out by people travelling by donkey or by foot, it had to be hazardous for someone with child.  But Mary did not think, for one moment, about her comfort.  The Angel had told her of her cousin’s need and she said yes, one more time.


Readers Comments:

“I never knew that the Rosary was about the life of Jesus and Mary.” “They never taught us about the Rosary in RCIA classes!” “I thought I knew everything about the Rosary, until I read this book.” “I couldn’t put the book down.” “Each time I read it, it means something different to me.” “I walked the Way of the Cross with Jesus and Mother Mary and I have not gotten over it yet.”


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