Prophetic words of Pope Leo XIII about our times!

July 18, 2016

“In as much as the enemies of Christianity are so stubborn in their aims, its defenders must be equally staunch, especially as the Heavenly help and the benefits  which are bestowed on us by God are more usually the fruits of our perseverance.” Pope Leo XIII

These are again prophetic words  of Pope Leo XIII.  How accurately Pope Leo analyzed the spirit of those who are opposed to Christianity.  They have one object: to destroy Christianity, to destroy morality,to blot out religion and all that it teaches. Nothing is an obstacle. They never rest.

The defenders of Christianity must prepare for battle.

The Rosary is our special weapon.  If we look at the Rosary it is seen as more than a private devotion – it become a source against the forces of Paganism.

May it please God that all will know the Rosary and love the Rosary and say the Rosary daily!

Most Rev. John Carberry

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