Pope John Paul II – The Movie

November 17, 2009

A Tribute to Our Hero, our Christ on Earth – Pope John Paul II

Family, we want to share with you about our Pope John Paul II.  Some years ago, Bob and I traveled with Brother Joseph and Luz Elena to Poland and Rome to make a documentary on Pope John Paul II– Dry Martyr. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen said a dry martyr was one who did not shed his blood for the Faith, although Pope John Paul was shot, but those who suffered martyrdom without shedding blood. We believe our Pope truly suffered martyrdom.

So, when this movie on the life of our dear Pope came out, I honestly felt we had learned enough from our documentary, and did not need to see the movie, starring John Voigt and Cary Elwes .  But something or should I say some one (Bob Lord) ordered the DVD on the life of Pope John Paul II. And last night we were to laugh with and cry watching one of the most powerful, heart rending true stories of our hero, our Pope who will live in our hearts and in our memories for the rest of our lives, and then in the hearts of those who will come after us.  For most of us, we have known our Pope as a true father on earth, a shining star lighting the darkness.  But there was a price to be paid, and like his Savior before him, he said yes!

It brought back all we had seen in war-torn Poland.  All I could think was how could he have lived through all that horror and still have love and empathy in his heart.  For our Pope was a Pope of love and reconciliation.

The DVD brought back the rounding up of innocent people whose only crime was they were born Jewish.  The nightmarish scenes from Auschwitz, the Death camp, came back to us, of personal things taken from the Jews whose only crime was they fit into Hitler’s plan.  He needed someone or some group to blame for the disastrous situation in Germany.  He had come to the German people as a savior, a messenger of hope.  Well, a savior needs to have someone to save the people from, someone to blame to bring hope to the German people.  Well, why not use the Jews!

We had a guide escort us around the death camp, past thousands of baby shoes, tiny dolls with child like carriages, suitcases ready to move the Jews who were walking in a cloud, oblivious to the real fate they faced.  Until that moment when we went to Auschwitz, they had been numbers to us, a newspaper report of the horrors of war.  They did not have faces, only names placed on unused suitcases.  The DVD brought back the horror of the Jewish people who had been friends and neighbors of the Poles, friends of Pope John Paul II, friends who he went skiing with, who were in plays and musicals with him, before the Nazis, Hitler’s Death Patrol rounded them up and ended it all.

You have to see the DVD to fully appreciate our Pope’s early life and the horror he lived through.  One of the saddest scenes was when the Poles felt they had been saved from the Nazis with the promise of freedom and return to life as they had known it, only to be subjugated by new tyrants – the Russians.  Priests like Pope John Paul II had to go underground.  No new priests could be ordained.  Pope John Paul was one of the priests who was ordained underground.

It is only by the will of God that we had the gift of this, our “Sweet Christ on earth.”(as St. Catherine called our Popes)  God knew the hell on earth His children would have to face and so He bought into the world someone who would lead us out of the snares of the devil.

We have said it before – that God has us write ahead of our time, for the faithful and those who refuse to believe.  We believe in this instance, He has done it again.  Dear Pope John Paul II.  Only to the foolish have you gone from us.  You will never leave us.  We believe in this DVD.  We believe it has a powerful message for you and our country. There is a writing on the walls of the Warsaw Ghetto.  “Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.” This is a great Christmas gift.  Buy it for you and your family!  Totus Tuus.

To order this movie or get more information about Pope John Paul II click here

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