Celebration of the life of Bob Lord


Bob & Penny Lord’s
Journeys of Faith Ministry

Family, Bob & Penny prayerfully planned for the Ministry to continue,
knowing that our time on earth is done in “the blink of an eye.”
So we present to you, the five entrusted by Bob and Penny to continue the Journey.

Brother Joseph, Blanca, Luz Elena, Andrea & Rob

We thank you in advance for your continued prayers & support.
We ask Our Lord & Our Lady, the Angels and the Saints
to bless Journeys of Faith for years to come.

We Love You!

Bob and Penny Lord’s Biography Click here





One Response to Celebration of the life of Bob Lord

  1. I am mostly home bound with illness for the last 5 yrs. 5 out of 50 isn’t bad,Every time I watched he Lords on ewtn I felt their sincerity!! when I heard those words “We Love You” ,I felt their Love!! Anyway,after Pennys passing I was sad,but felt with Bob here,Penny was still here. As if they were 2 halfs of one. Soul Mates !!! Now that Bob has joined Penny in Heaven,I mourn thier families loss,our loss,But I Thank God For Them and all the teachings on Saints I’ve learned,because of Their Zeal!! ,My past mini strokes were a bother in learning with reading. Our Lord,through Mr.&Mrs.Lord taught and Helped me able to call on The Saints for Their intercession..
    I started this yesterday,last evening I had another tia,mini stroke. I’ve been Blessed with another very special Servant of Jesus,she Brings me The Bread of Life,which I was and recieved this afternoon.
    Last evening for the first time,I wasn’t afraid as before,”is this the one,the last?”.. I felt so peaceful it was Blissful and calm..
    I haven’t many family members,the ones I do I Love!,but they aren’t practicing catholics and won’t or can’t bring themselves to call my parish priest for spiritual help. I am left alone physically,not by a fault I would say in my family at home.. But I prayed For Bob & Penny Lord over the course of the day.. I Believe I had been Blessed by Bob & Penny Lords intercession..
    I felt peace as I still do.. I’m ciming back but not all here yet..But If I don’t have another 5 minutes here,I commend my soul,spirit and Body To GOD!!! and Thank The Lords for letting me hold my first 7 mos old grandchild in my arms as she fell asleep,I cried The Happiest of tears. Thank You to The Lords and Their missionary work,Their family and friends who supported them.. I know I won’t be the last to receive their intercession To Our Blessed Mother Mary and Jesus Christ with God The Father Almighty in Union with The Holy Spirit…
    along with my friend maureen and my granddaughter Lily bean
    WE LOVE YOU !!!

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