Celebrating the Gift of Mary on her Birthday Sept 8

The Gift of Mary

goodcounselMy most precious family; this is an exciting and important month for us Catholics, especially those who love Mary.  It’s something that could pass you by, because it’s not promoted as much as other things in our Church.  That’s why I’m just here to remind you of it, because I love you.

Next Tuesday is Mother Mary’s Birthday.

Our Lady has given us many gifts during our lifetime.  She has been there for us in many ways; she has worn many faces for us.  She is our Mother; she is our friend; she is our confidant; she leads us to her Son Jesus.

In our book, The Many Faces of Mary, we share with you just some of the miraculous apparitions she has made here on earth.  She came to a little illiterate girl in Lourdes, France and proclaimed her Immaculate Conception.  From that time until this, she has given us miracles at Lourdes, at the Baths, and at the Blessing of the Sick. 49lourdes

In Paris, at the Chapel of the Miraculous Medal, we told you about how Our Lady sat in a chair with St. Catherine Labouré kneeling, her arms in Our Lady’s lap.  Our Lady gave us a gift which will be with us forever. She said:

47miraculous Meda'“But come to the foot of the Altar.  Great graces will be poured out on those who ask for them.”  There is a catch.  You have to   ask for them.  Our Lady’s hands had rings on each finger.  But rays only beamed down from certain fingers.  She said to Catherine Labouré, “the fingers with no rays are graces that have not been asked for.”  The gifts are there.  You have but to ask for them.

It’s so much like the gifts we received at Confirmation, the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  They’re wrapped up like Christmas presents, sitting under the tree.  But you have to    take them.  When Penny and I taught Confirmation Class, we walked around the room with a $5 bill, offering it to the students.  Everybody thought it was a trick, and didn’t take it, until one brave soul took it.  He said “Thank You.”  I said “You’re welcome.”  Then everyone in the class was upset that they hadn’t taken the gift.  When was the last time any of us used the Gifts of the Holy Spirit?  Who even knows what the Seven Gifts are?

Go up to the foot of the Altar.  Take the gift from Our Lady!

Media on Mother Mary

Mother Mary Info

Okay.  We’re coming to the big climax.

I think you’ll agree with me that we were all given tremendous gifts by Our Lady during our lifetime. And she never stops giving.  But now it’s time to give back.

Next Tuesday, September 8, is Mary’s Birthday.  Honor her.  Go to Mass.  I know it’s not a Holy Day of Obligation, but do it anyway.

I know you’re going to say, “Oh I can’t get off work!”  “I’ve got to be on the job!”  “I have a full schedule at school.” I don’t know where there’s a church that’s having Mass.”

Don’t let the world get in your way.  She is your Mooother.  She has given to you.  Give to Her.  Or She will get you.  Just sayin…  I’m telling you this because I love you.  Mary loves you.  Love her back.

And FYI, the next day is my birthday.  So while you’re at Mass on Mother Mary’s birthday, pray for my special intention.  We love you!

Pray the Rosary.
Media on Mother Mary

Mother Mary Info


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