We Need Your Help!

We want to thank you again for your faithful support of our ministry.  The Lord has given us a mandate to build the Body of Christ through our Ministry.  Through your donations, you have been part of our Evangelization.  Whether you are a Production Angel, a monthly donor, or donate whenever you can, you have helped to make this possible.

There is a war going on!  Pope Benedict XVI has warned us not to let the enemy make Christ disappear from the face of the earth.

We need your helpWe must fight together to keep Our Lord Jesus, Our Mother Mary, the Saints and the Angels alive!  We can do this together!  We must do this together!

We are taking the Pope’s mandate to heart and joining the battle.

We have created a great awareness of the power of Jesus in the Eucharist through our books “This is My Body, This Is My Blood, Miracles of the Eucharist” and our television programs on the Miracles of the Eucharist on EWTN.

Prior to our introducing the books and TV programs, no one had ever heard about Miracles of the Eucharist.  We brought these Miracles to the world with our books and DVDs and weekly TV programs.

We have given Our Mother Mary a voice through her Apparitions, in our two books, and DVDs and our television programs on EWTN:

“The Many Faces of Mary, a Love Story”

We have created an awareness of the Saints, many of whom you knew nothing about, with our SuperSaints books and television programs.  We have close to 200 programs on the Saints.  We keep adding Saints to our SuperSaints series.  The Saints have become Role Models not only for Catholics, but for Christians of all denominations.

 We believe that the Saints will unite all Christians.  There is a war going on between Christianity and the forces of evil.  We have to continue to bring Catholics and all Christians together to fight the real enemy.

The Lord has given us a new way to reach brothers and sisters who are new to our Ministry, the Internet.  Our books are available all over the world through the new digital e-book format.  Our videos are available in digital format for “Video on Demand” and DVD viewing.

You have written we must continue to do this.  Our Lord has begun broadening the horizon of our Ministry all over the world.  Brothers and sisters from theUnited Statesto Europe to Africa, Asia,AustraliaandNew Zealandare being given ammunition to fight the enemy!  They have begun to be exposed to the gifts of the Lord which had only been available in our country.


Our financial situation is bleak.  We have a new important book to print, and need money to print it.  This book is about our Popes in Hard Times and, like our dear Pope Benedict XVI, the battles they faced.  We need to know that what is happening today has happened before.

Only today, we can join His Holiness and the Church in fighting the battle.

For our children and grandchildren, we must fight the good fight to win.

You have told us how much you love what we are doing!  We need money necessary to continue making programs, writing books, printing the Good Newsletter, as well as formatting our material into the digital formats needed to spread the Good News throughout the world.

You believe in our work.  There is no way we can continue to spread God’s Word over the horizon without your help!  Won’t you once again join the march!  This is the worst of times!  This is the best of times!

As before, we have problems; but we can together, win the fight for Jesus and His Church!  Please donate the best you can.  Be a Production Angel.  Be a monthly donor.  Donate as much as you can whenever you can.  You and your families are in our daily prayers.  May God bless you and keep you.  We need you!  We love you!

Your Family in Christ,

Bob and Penny Lord, Brother Joseph and Luz Elena

You may donate by going here: http://bobandpennylord.com/donations.htm

or send to Journeys of Faith
PO Box 845
Morrilton, AR  72110

or call 1-800-633-2484

One Response to We Need Your Help!

  1. the battle is tougher as get closer to the return of Jesus! most people know the world can tough/but it wont break us only make stronger with Gods Help

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