We Salute the American Martyrs of Today

Martyrs - They Died for Christ bookFamily, we have gone all over the world in honoring the martyrs we wrote about in our book, Martyrs, They Died for Christ.  We have gone to Poland, to Auschwitz, for the Martyrs of Poland, to Germany, to Ireland for the Irish Martyrs, and to Mexico for the Mexican Martyrs.  We have written about English Martyrs, American Martyrs, Bishop Oscar Romero, and St. Joan of Arc.

But what about the Martyrs of today, our American boys and girls who have fought and died for their country, for what seems like forever?  Do we consider the thousands upon thousands who have given their lives as Martyrs?  Are they any less Martyrs than those Martyrs who went before them, fighting and dying for a cause, for a belief, for their country?

We want to take this time and dedicate this article to those American Martyrs, and their families who are saddened by the loss of them, not just on Memorial Day, but on every day of the year.  We want to salute the husbands and wives who are without a spouse; we want to salute the children who will be without a mother or father, because their mother or father gave their life for something they held dearly, not necessarily the war in which they died, but for the country they believed in.  We want to salute the mothers and fathers of those sons and daughters whose lives were cut short by an enemy thousands of miles away, whose reasoning for killing their children is unknown to them, other than that they hate Americans.  The parents of these children are proud of their lost sons and daughters, but wonder if whatever we’re accomplishing through these wars is worth the sacrifice.

We want to thank you, mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters for the sacrifice you have made through the martyrdom of your loved one.  We pray we continue to honor you and your loved ones, not only today, but all the days of our lives.  We pray that your country appreciates you as much as we do.  God Bless America!

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One Response to We Salute the American Martyrs of Today

  1. Jo Langley says:

    I too have been pondering the hell of war all morning. Then I came across your tweet and link. How wonderfully clear you made it in using the work Maryr as the basis of your short and to the point article.

    Now I to have my answer and new perspective on Memorial Day. Thank you Bob and Penny. Jo Langley

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