Is There A Purgatory?

Family, to answer your question right off the bat, yes, there is a Purgatory.  If you believe in Scripture, you can accept by the Scripture passages in this book, and the references to the Catholic Catechism, which are also Scripture-based, that there is indeed a Purgatory.  Now, let us explain what we mean.

Holy Mother Church, the Mystical Body of Christ consists of three parts: The Church Militant – we the faithful who dwell on earth, The Church Triumphant – those who have been washed by the Blood of the Lamb – the elect who are in the presence of the Beatific Vision in Heaven, and The Church Suffering – those who are no less members of the Body but who are in Purgatory. 

In this chapter, we want to talk of Purgatory, The Church Suffering.  Those souls who dwell in Purgatory are more privileged than those who dwell on earth, as they are assured of entering into the Kingdom of God one day; whereas, those who are part of the Church Militant are vulnerable and have to fight the wages of sin that are constantly ready to attack and drag them down to Hell.  The Church Suffering plays a compassionate role in God’s Plan to save His children for Himself.  For God has always loved us; and as He is unchanging, His Love is unchanging; and part of that unchanging Love is Purgatory.

The three Churches commune together, praying for one another.  We call that the Communion of Saints.  The Church Triumphant prays for The Church Militant, who in turn prays for The Church Suffering.  We, the faithful who comprise The Church Militant, pray to the Saints in Heaven, The Church Triumphant, for their intercession and they, in turn, plead with the Lord on our behalf.  The Church Suffering cannot pray for themselves; therefore they cannot hope for the intercession of the Saints in Heaven without the faithful, The Church Militant, praying in their behalf.  However, once the Church Suffering becomes the Church Triumphant, after they have entered into the Kingdom, they in turn pray for the Church Militant, that’s us, especially those who prayed to get them out of Purgatory.

It is really awesome when you think of the integral part we play in God’s Symphony for Salvation.  When we think of the three parts of the Church as a grand philharmonic orchestra with God as the Conductor, we can better understand the Communion of Saints, and how each musician has to play his individual instrument in harmony with the rest, in order to achieve the perfect Symphony of Salvation that the Lord, the Perfect Composer has created from the beginning of the world. 

When we die and enter into the realm of Purgatory, we have the assurance that we are going to Heaven.  Our salvation is assured.  We are saved by the Blood of Jesus.  But we have time to spend in Purgatory.  Our first reaction should be, “Thank You Jesus, I’m saved.”  Our next reaction might possibly be, “But Lord, do I have a long time to spend in Purgatory?” 

Our loved ones will not know how long we’re going to be in Purgatory.  They may be assured that we’re saved, if we have made a contrite confession and have been absolved of our sins, but they do not know how much prayer we need and for how long, how many Masses and other means of atonement are necessary for the restitution due the Father.  In not knowing how much time we have to serve, they might have a tendency to forget about us.  Out of sight, out of mind.  They don’t mean to forget the Poor Souls, but the world creeps in, and priorities change.  Really important things have to be done, and before they know it, the friends or relatives they promised to pray for on a daily basis, are put on the back burner.  Not that they necessarily stop praying for the Poor Souls in Purgatory, but maybe they forget the friends who have died some time ago.  These may be the ones who need prayers the most. 

A very holy nun appeared to one of the Saints in this book, and asked for prayers, especially the Mass.  He replied, he never would have thought to pray for her; he was sure she was in Heaven.  She told him she was spending a great deal of time in Purgatory because she was not enthusiastic when she went to Eucharistic Adoration.  Not that she didn’t go, or didn’t spend her hour in reverence before the Lord, but that she just wasn’t excited about going.

 Don’t for a moment think that anyone doesn’t need your prayers.  That’s why a Guardian Angel always comes to you and whispers a name in your ear.  Those who died need Masses!  When we die, if you’re still on earth, be sure to pray for us.  We need prayers, not only now, but when we’re purging ourselves of all our past blemishes in Purgatory.  Say a Mass of thanksgiving that we made it into Purgatory, and then many many Masses that we get out of Purgatory.

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