We Believe

We Believe

Family we believe in so many things…

We believe in God

We believe in Mary, Mother of God

We believe in Saints

We believe in Angels

We believe in Apparitions

We believe in Locutions

We believe in Eucharistic Miracles

We believe in Miracles

We believe in Heaven, Hell and Purgatory

We believe in our Catholic Church

We believe in the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus

We believe in Jesus in the Eucharist

We believe in our country

We believe in the Declaration of Independence

We believe in our Constitution

We believe in all the things that make us great

On the other hand,

We believe there are those who would destroy our Church

We believe there are those who would destroy our country

We believe that all wars are between God and the devil.

We believe that all wars are Religious Wars.

We believe that we have been fighting with the same enemies since the 7th Century

We believe that these wars will not end until men’s’ hearts change

We believe we don’t have the power to change men’s hearts

We believe that that change has to begin with us

We believe that God is in Charge.

We believe that all things are possible with God.

We believe that we love you.



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