Special Message for Bob and Penny Lord

Today, as never before we are called  to be the new Jonahs of the Old Testament and the new St. John the Baptists of the New Testament pleading with this fallen generation to repent.  They will tell you for generations, people have thougt he end of the world was coming in their time. But even they must admit, man never had the means to destroy himself the way he has at this present time.

Our Ministry has always been known the Good News Ministry, and we do have Good News for you. We are not helpless and hopeless. In the light of all the darkness threatening the skies of our lives; there is a rainbow, a double rainbow representing the Lord and His Mother, a rainbow of promise and hope! Mother Mary is holding up Her Son’s Arms and, as with Moses, as long as She is so doing, God will not mete out Justince. But hear this and take it to your hearts, Our God of Mercy not allow the inhumanity that has pervaded our country and our world, swarming over and infecting everyone with whom it comes in contact, to continue.

There is little time; but there is time! We can make a difference. We must make a difference! If we will only turn back to Lord Our God, the final price exacted, will not be disastrous. God is ready to embrace us, to take us back; to forgive us. He will allow us to refuse Him, to reject His Mercy, to turn our backs on Him, to go to hell if we insist. But one thing we can hold onto, and I guess it is the most painful to remember–it is so one-sided, is God’s never ending love, forgiveness, and sacrifice for us, which began on the Cross.

Is that why the enemy of God, has misled pastors into ripping the crucified Lord from the Altars and replacing Him with fancy bars of gold and silver?

Are we emulating Judas when he sold Jesus out for thirty pieces of silver? Are we willing to let the enemies of the Cross strip the memory of the extent of pain and suffering Our Lord Jesus was willing to endure to prove how much He loves us.

Does the enemy want us to rely on sinful man for our salvation and, knowing how man will fail, despair.

Well, as never before the people of God are well armed, like Blessed Miguel Pro with a Crucifix in one hand and a Rosary in the other, and the doubleedged sword of the Word as our shield, we fight for our Church and for this country founded under God, Our United  States of America.

We are reclaiming our beloved country back for God! Pray and teach your families to pray! Who can you trust? You can trust God!

Remember the Saints are our Guides to the light


Bob and Penny Lord

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