Heroines of our Church

Reference: Good Newsletter Fall 2009

(This is taken from the Epilog of our book, Saints and Powerful Women in our Church. These women, and many more like them about whom we’ve written, are true heroes.  Get to know them.  Be inspired by them.  Get the book.)

Each time Bob and I finished a chapter, we felt sadness at having to leave that special woman.  Then, when we’d begin writing of the next powerful woman in the Church our excitement would build again.  We developed such a unique relationship with these women; we didn’t want to let go of any of them.  We pray they have touched you the way they have touched us.

Now it’s over, at least Volume I is finished.  We know we will bring you Volume II, because there are so many women in our Church we can be proud of, whom we can embrace and after whom we can model our lives.

We told you about the thread that connected these women together.  It was and is the Eucharist, the strength Jesus gave them and gives us in times of struggle, adversity, and downright despair, His very Body and Blood.  It’s a Power Source we must plug into.  We can spin our wheels and go round in circles, trying to do the impossible, only to find that Jesus allows us to do these things with such ease, by energizing ourselves with the Eucharist.

In researching these sisters, as well as the many powerful men in the Church, we found without exception, a deep and committed devotion to Our Lady, Mother Mary.  We have not found anyone who truly loves Jesus, that does not revere His Mother as well.  They took the most direct route, to Jesus through Mary, having found that they could not really know the Son without knowing the Mother.

One is pride in those who came before us; the other is hope in those who will follow.

Two strong feelings have come out of this book for us.  One is pride in those who came before us; the other is hope in those who will follow.  We feel strength from those women of the Church who have fought against the powers of hell, and triumphed.  Because of them, we have hope for our Church and world of tomorrow.  We know the Lord will always raise up women like those in this book.

Who are the Powerful Women in the Church of tomorrow?  Right now, we know the Lord has placed you out there, in strategic positions, to glorify Him by your lives.  There are Teresas, Thereses, Bernadettes, Ritas, Catherines, Clares, Mother Angelicas, Briege McKennas,, and so many more the Lord would use in His Service.

You know who you are, Powerful Women of the future.  You can feel it.  When you read about one of your sisters, living or dead, a surge of pride went through you.  There was a familiarity, a kinship you felt, that could not be denied.  Your heart started beating a little faster as you related with their joys and struggles, their closeness to Jesus and Mary.  Our Church has always been under attack.  We may possibly be in the last days.  Every moment counts.  Your sisters before you have known of the urgency of the moment.  They lived their lives as if the second coming of Jesus was just around the corner.  And it may very well be!

Those who are true lovers of Christ are not worried about their own individual salvation.  That’s been assured. “Those whom God has chosen, He has justified; and those He has justified, He has glorified.” (Romans 8:28)  Theirs and our concern is for the brothers and sisters who may be left behind.  How will we turn the tide?  You must touch them, powerful woman in the Church!

In our talks, we tell people to forget the numbers, but to put faces on those who have left.

“If Jesus were to come tonight,” we ask them, “who do you know who would not be coming with us to the Kingdom?  Is there a brother or sister, a mother or father?  Perhaps you have a son or daughter, a grandson or granddaughter, a niece or nephew, a husband or wife?  When I mention these names, does a picture flash in your mind?  Those are the first ones you have to approach.  They have to know Jesus, so they don’t stay behind when He comes.  You have to bring them back!”

We’re told that there are six billion people on earth.  Two billion are Christian of some kind.  That means that 2/3 of the world do not know Jesus.  How can we reverse those figures?  You must teach them, powerful woman in the Church!  Whether you make your mark by praying in the cloister of the Convent, as did Therese, the Clares, and Bernadette; or reform the Church as did Catherine and Teresa; or go door-to-door; or minister to Priests and Bishops and Third World countries, as does Sister Briege; or proclaim the glory of God through space by means of television, radio and internet like Mother Angelica; or be faithful to your vocation as obedient daughter, wife, mother, and Religious, as did Rita; wherever the Lord calls.  You know who you are!  You know where you are!

This is not the time to sit in a circle and argue among ourselves about who did what to whom, as the enemy of Christ picks off Christians from behind.  We don’t have that luxury!  We don’t know how much time we do have.  We do know one thing.  You can do it, powerful woman in the Church!

Jesus loves you; Jesus needs you; Jesus wants you!

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