11 Nuns of Nowogrodek

Martyrs of Nazism

11 Nuns of Nowogrodek

11 Nuns of Nowogrodek

We only spent a short time in Poland; we listened to the eyewitness accounts of wholesale massacre of these brave people, first by the Communists, then by the Nazis, and again by the Communists.  We can’t help but wonder what kind of brainwashing had to be done to the troops of the Nazi and Soviet Union armies, to get them to believe that everyone else in the world except them was so much garbage, to be discarded at will, and slaughtered in any cruel and inhuman manner.  We do know that Hitler instituted an indoctrination program for the Nazi military, claiming that they were the Aryan race, and better than anyone else.  By comparison, the rest of the world was just so much trash.  Brother Joseph of our Ministry brought to our attention just recently that Poland had always blocked Germany from Russian attacks just by the nature of its geographical location.  When the Russians would attack the Germans, or vice versa, the battles always wound up being fought on Polish soil.

A statistic we read about World War II maintains that close to 30,000,000 people were killed during that war, and over half of them were civilians.  So much for the reported skill and bravery of those crack Nazi troops.  It doesn’t take much of either to mow down unarmed, defenseless people with machine guns.  They did their best work against unarmed men, women and children.  And let us not forget our priests and nuns.  They were not only unarmed victims; they even prayed for their attackers.

One of the most outrageous and senseless massacres of the Polish people we have learned about was the slaughter of 11 helpless nuns of the Order of the Holy Family of Nazareth in the woods of Nowogrodek, on August 1, 1943.  During the war, this was part of Poland.  The Soviet Union took it over after World War II, and is today part of Byelorussia.  This also gives you some idea of how these people have been footballed around by tyrannical bullies during this century alone.  Read more click here

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