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May 16, 2014

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#11 21st Anniversary of our Marriage Dec. 21 1979

May 12, 2014





Today, Beloved Love, Husband and Best Friend is the 21st Anniversary of the first time we were sealed in Marriage, December 21, 1979.  God gave you to me.  How am I treating His gift?

Sweet, sweet sweet Lover, What a beautiful question for a beautiful day.  I remember this day.  It had been a long, hard year of loving you and never being able to hope, but hoping anyway.  Each day for me was the only day.  I didn’t want each day to pass.  I wanted to hold on to you and our love.  My tomorrows then meant a day closer to not ever seeing you again.  And somehow I could not even think, even then, of a day it had not been you and me.  I couldn’t imagine living a day to come that you would not be there.  You were a part of me.  I had stopped breathing without your heart to pump oxygen to my lungs.


And God was there.  He was always there.  The gift of you from God was life.  As God promised Abraham, so God gave us.  He also gave us a son, and our son is called our Love.  I have seen this gift from the Lord grow first to unite us with Him and with each other, with our natural family, then with our Catholic family.  God gave us the gift of Abraham and Sara.  He gave us the gift of love through our Sacrament.  And then because it was a gift that could not be contained, He gave us the gift our weekends (Marriage Encounter weekends) so our gift could and had to be shared with all His Children.


And I feel like John the Baptist.  I feel like a guardian Angel to you.  I feel like Mother Mary.  Each day  is like Christmas morning and I see a rebirth of Jesus in us, a baby, a newness.  Today I feel like we’re about to marry again. I love you.  Your wife forever.




My Wife, My Love

Today is the perfect day for that question. I hope, I pray, I believe that I treat that Magnificent Gift as the treasure that it is.  When my mind tells me that I’m treating you, Go’s gift, as a treasure, I feel light; I feel young.  I feel airy and heady.  I’m like a gazelle or a hind, gracefully scaling to the high places.  I believe I’m a Prince and you are my princess, and the whole world is ours.


I know you are my special gift from God.  I know He loves me very much, and He manifests that love for me by giving you to me as my partner, my traveling companion, my consoler, my lover, my very heart.  I love you girl.  Happy Anniversary.  Your Daddy

10 May 14, 1978 – Mother’s Day

May 3, 2014



My Lady on Earth

Today is Mother’s Day.  I look at you, and love you, and venerate you.  You are the instrument through which the miracle of Family came about.

You are all the things I envision in Mother and Wife. You are beautiful, sensitive, loving, instinctive about your children, discerning.  You are this and much more.

You are Our dear sweet Lady here on earth.  She has come into your body, to love through you.  It makes me feel good, very happy very loving and very loved.

I visualize our family at Mass today.  All together in the pew, with me up on the altar.  Then I picture us here while I make breakfast for all of us.

Then a day of relaxation, being just family, mother and daughter, mother and son, mother and father.

The Lord has given us this beautiful gift this weekend.  I’m so happy.  I love you.

Your Husband, your Bobby Lord



My dearest Husband, true father of our children, I love you.

This Mother’s Day I feel so very much a mother because of you and our third weekend.  My heart this day is free to accept fully our daughter and our grandson bercause of the miracle of our weekend.

It is not a day of divided loyalties, but of true oneness.  I feel one with you and with our family.

I am first your wife, so a part of your flesh who you are.  I dwell in you and you dwell in me.  And that is my priority, my upfront feeling – my love for you – our oneness, our unity.  But the joy, the completeness, the peace, the freedom to be complete “me” comes from your inclusion of our daughter and grandson so completely into our lives.

This Mother’s Day I am also so very aware of our Mother Mary.  I want to be her daughter truly.  I want her to be my example.  And this is all because of you and your love for Her.  I want to be part of that love.  I want to try to bring you closer to our Mother by being as much like her as this poor person can be.

Thank you for making me so happy this day, for making me so anxious to begin each day together.  I’m excited, bubbling with joy and yet warm and fuzzy because I am still spiritually sniggle-snuggling in your arms.

Your girl and wife and mother of your kids.

#9 – September 9, 1975 – Bob’s Birthday

May 3, 2014














Dearest Little Prince


Thank you for coming back to your Planet.  Your rose loves you very much.


Your love warms me.  You breathe life into me. My tears are now of laughter because of the joy you have placed tenderly in my heart.


We talk so much of today, today’s love, today’s gift, today’s specialness.


I thank you, no; I praise you for every today of our lives, for every yesterday.  I thank you not only for the Saturday and Sunday of our weekend, but for your love of all our days and nights.


I thank you for the faith that filled you from my prayers.


All our yesterdays have been precious and I would not have missed one.  I thank you and the Lord.  All our todays are filled with growing love, and happiness and tenderness.


I love to go to sleep with you because in your beloved arms, tomorrow, sweet, life-giving, loving, happy perfect “you” tomorrow soon comes.  This today, your birthday, is the best I have shared.  Thank you.  I am wife of Bob






To my little Penny Macaluso Lord


I love you today more than I’ve ever loved you.  You are a gift to me from the Father, the most beautiful gift He could have given me.  You’ve been a gift to me for 18 years, since we met at my apartment on your birthday in 1957.  Such a gift.  A lifetime gift.  And you’ve only become more beautiful, more precious, more valuable.


I feel very roguish about you.  I’m the cat that swallowed the canary.  I’ve got you inside of me wherever I go, and nobody knows about it except you and me.  I feel very sensitive to your moods and feelings.  When you are low or unhappy, I feel like I’ve failed you and then it’s super important to me to make things right so that you’re happy again.


You are my heartbeat.  You’re what makes me tick.  You’re the reason for us being where we are today.  There would be no challenges, no conquests, nothing, without you.  I’ve often wondered over the years where I would be today without you.  I know where I was when we first met.  My father was right when he said I fell in soft.  I really did.  Not because of money or anything like that, but because I had you, and you loved me completely, and he probably knew that having you was the luckiest (blessed) thing that could happen to me.


You and I know it wasn’t luck.  We know that it was all part of a plan.  We were truly meant for each other.  It was God’s plan.  I feel very aware of you.  I feel you with me.  I feel you thinking my thoughts.  I feel you radiating to me and through me.  I’ve thanked our dear Lord for all the gifts He’s given me throughout my life, the way He protected e and led me, the way.  One thing I’ll never be able to adequately thank Him for but I’ll spend the rest of my life trying, is for you.  I love you Penny Macaluso, wife of Bobby Lord.  You are my life.  You are me.


God loves you like I do.  Praise Penny.


Your adoring husband who truly believes that life starts at 40.  Bobby Lord






# 8 July 30, 1978 – Carmel, CA – How do I love thee

May 3, 2014




My sweet love, how do I feel knowing that, like Our Lord Jesus, each day yuou love me with a never-ending love?

My love, my heart, my husband, I love you so very, very much.  Knowing that I will wake up to your never-ending but growing love for me, is like being inside any warm, comfortable home, safe an dry, looking out the window at a driving, rainy, stormy world, never once fearing our house would spring a leak or that I would have to go out in that rain.

The world is that rainy, stormy place.  Watching television always seems to end up upsetting me.  Last night, all of a sudden an uneasy feeling I had; at the beginning of the movie blew up into a full scale attack.  Satan had started out subtle and then boom – but God was with us; our love was with us and so we 3+2=1** made the decision to turn off that program, love each other first – our God and us.  And suddenly a peace came about me, a warmth spread over me and I drifted off into a peaceful sleep, unafraid.

Knowing that, like God, your love is there for me makes me happy, secure, unafraid.  What could happen that the “3” of us cannot handle.  In many ways you show how you love me, the way you always touch me, the way you look at me, the way you grab me, the way you pull me close to you, the way you snuggle me into you in the morning.  And these ways sing out your love for me and I am the happiest girl in the world.

Your little girl who loves you so, Penny Macaluso Lord

**The Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit plus Bob and Penny equal Unity.



Did you ever remember when you were a kid in Brooklyn that certain things would always be there?  For me the corner candy store in the Bronx, there since I was 8, then when I went into the service and came back two years later, it was still there.  That was such a good feeling, a feeling of security.

That’s how our love is.  We go through all kinds of storms, trials, joys and sorrows and then turn around and our love is still there and it is us, and it’s beautiful.  Just one hand touching another, one arm around the other, the skipping of a heart beat when we see each other after a separation.

I almost wrote, “I don’t want to take your love for granted the way I do my love for Jesus.”  And then I said “Wow!!”  I don’t ever want to take my love for Jesus for granted.  And yet I know I do.  I disappoint Him.  I pray that I never disappoint you.  I don’t ever want to take your love for granted.  I never want to lose the excitement of reaching out for your hand, or putting my arm around you, or kissing your cheeks and your lips.  You are my life.

Your Daddy, Bobby Lord



#7 May 20, 1978 Westlake Vlg. CA – The Green-Eyed Monster of Jealousy  

May 3, 2014



My Love – How do I feel when I see you showing signs of jealousy? I am very protective of our love and our relationship, to the point of being possessive at times.  When you show signs of jealousy, my feelings are mixed.  The strongest feeling, I think, is pride.  I know that you love me.  I see the fierceness of your love. It makes me feel good to know you love me so much you would fight for me.   But if we’ve ever taken each other for granted, when the green-eyed monster of jealousy shows its ugly face, we don’t any more.


My second feeling was, in the past, always of fear.  Usually, I was not aware of why you were jealous (I’m so innocent).  I only saw your anger, which for my part was needless.  “What does she have to be jealous of?”  But that always led to one-upmanship.  “Well, I’ll show him!”  When we were both young, and were looked upon as the “beautiful people” we thought it was fun to flirt.  It didn’t mean anything, and it gave our egos a boost.  But it could have led to problems.  We have grown up since then.


We value our love, our Sacrament, our day-to-day relationship too much to play games.  Our adult minds make us avoid situations where jealousy can come up.  Also, we’re aware we’re not superpeople.  We can’t handle every situation (guys who come on strongly to you; girls that flirt with me).  So we’re more protective about allowing ourselves into situations which could prove “Dangereux”.

I love you with all my heart.  I’m not taking any chances with you – Your Daddy



My Sweet Sweet Adorable Lover

When you act jealous of another man it really makes me feel giggly and child-like.  I feel young and pretty and very impish.  When men pay me compliments these days, I am a little more than surprised.  I felt the days of that nonsense were over.

 (N.B. At the date of this letter, Penny was 49 years old and breathtakingly beautiful)


Suddenly I realize that what they see (if they are sincere) is our Lord Jesus and His Love for all His Children, and yes, if that’s true, I’m beautiful, and yes I’m blinding.  But as always, the only thing that has meaning is how beautiful you think I am.  And when you react possessively, I feel very precious, very cared for, very special, like a princess.


My love, we are the unattainable.  We are one in the Lord and we do shine with His Love.  We know the enemy is jealous of that light and so he wants to dim it, or better, just put it out.  He’ll use anyone or anything to do it.  That’s the only frightening about the little games of jealousy, and that frightens me.  How do I feel when someone makes a pass at you?  Not very good – I know it doesn’t mean anything to you, but I get a little stab in my heart.  If we are not to be milk-drinkers, we have to act the part of grownups in the Lord and resist the temptation of pride and ego when Satan and his friends come.  We have to rebuke them.


Fun is fun but if it causes pain to our loved one, it’s a sin and cruel.  I would never hurt you.

I love you with all my heart.  Your Wife.




#6 – June 7, 1978 – Westlake Village, CA – Trouble in Paradise

April 25, 2014

#6 – June 7, 1978 – Westlake Village, CA – Trouble in Paradise



My Life – People try to put themselves in between us, and separate us.  How do I feel about that?

Over the years, I have developed a tremendous possessiveness of you, my love.  It started, I guess, because of the great amount of time we were separated from each other early in our marriage.  We were struggling so hard to provide a good home for ourselves and our children that we sacrificed our own relationship.


Whereas in the early days of our courtship I would come to come upon you in the green room and you were surrounded by a crowd (of boys), I would just pick you up and whisk you away, I couldn’t do that in the  later years of our marriage.  I could not seem to break through the crowd around you.  Very often I felt like I was on the outside perimeter, bobbing my head up and down, trying to get your attention.


And so when we came to our beloved California, I became very possessive and irritated of anyone who would come between us.  That included business relations, family, and friends.  I resented our daughter and her lifelong dependence on us, our son with his overwhelming problems, Leo and the rest.


The Lord has given me the knowledge that our family is a part of who we are.  We’re all a part of each other.  As you and I are one, the four of us are one, to be loved and enjoyed as one body.  I still fall back on those old attitudes, like with the business problems that came between us today, but a lot less, and when I do, I know what I’m doing, and I fight it.


I love you, my love, and feel that I can share your light with our ever-growing family.  But always remember, you are my Hope Diamond.  I cherish you more than anything or anyone in the world.  Your Moe Precious




My Love, I love you.  I thank God for your and pray for His Guidance that I may be more for Him and for you, my love.


Today was a super bad day and I felt trapped.  I put Modern Day World (business) in between us.  I let business relations between us and I am so heartily sorry.  I am sad because I feel like I’m in the middle of the ocean and the only way is straight ahead even if the water looks very deep and over my head.  I’m worried because I don’t know if we are together in what we’re doing.


I love you above all else, above everyone and everything in the world.  I don’t want anything to come between us.  Today there was a big wall of misunderstanding that came between us and I thank God youy worked so hard to tear it down.  I guess I’m scared.  IO am praying to our Shepherd and I turn us over to Him to do what He will with us.


We’ll make it.  I know we will.  But it has to be us, just us, you and me.  I think the Lord calls us to love everyone but not to be too deeply involved with everyone.  I don’t know why we get so suckered away from what we must do.  But every time we are resolved again, I feel better.


I want us to be us, like we were at the beginning.  Help me.  I need you.  I love you.

Your wife who adores you, Faye Precious




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